Theatre Nohgaku’s “Blue Moon Over Memphis” - A Noh about Elvis Presley

Blue Moon Over MemphisIn an age where fame itself has become the ultimate goal, Blue Moon over Memphis examines how popular culture crafts its idols and then swiftly discards them. One of America’s first celebrity casualties; Elvis’s enduring legacy now lies somewhere between tragic hero and eternal punchline. As critically acclaimed writer Deborah Brevoort’s words return human dignity to his spirit, Richard Emmert’s composition evokes a mournful reminiscence that will let you hear old music with new ears.

American playwright Deborah Brevoort wrote the original play in 1993 following a traditional noh structure though meant to be performed by Western actors largely in a naturalistic style. Richard Emmert began working with Brevoort to adapt the play for a full noh presentational style by Theatre Nohgaku. The adapted text was completed in 2010 and Emmert has since completed much of the composition.

Saturday, March 11 at 2:00pm | CenterStage, ’62 Center

Lecture-Demo, Be Here Now: A primer on watching and enjoying noh
Thursday, March 9, 4PM | CenterStage, ’62 Center

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