The 75th Japan-America Student Conference Report 第75回日米学生会議の報告

September 6th, 2023 This summer, I had the experience of a lifetime as an American Delegate to the 75th Japan-America Student Conference (JASC). From small moments of laughter with newfound friends to presentations in front of government officials, JASC had it all. Now, a couple of weeks after its conclusion, I cannot help but feel immense joy and gratitude for having been fortunate enough to spend a life changing month in Japan. Continue reading »

JASC Report

The 70th Japan-America Student Conference Report 第70 回日米学生会議の報告 By Jacques Chaumont ‘18 Download PDF This past August, the 70th Japan America Student Conference (JASC) took place in four sites across America. The sites for this year’s conference were Madison (Wisconsin), Lexington (Virginia), Washington D.C., and… Continue reading »